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Published Books

The following table includes information on my published books which you may find of interest. Although a copy may be difficult to find as they have been out of print for a while. If I have sufficient time in the future, I may make them available online.

Book Title

ISBN Number



1-57610-164-9 The Coriolis Group A hands on reference to get the most of your Windows NT and Windows NT Server 4.0 installation using proven techniques. Includes information on how to use the Performance Monitor, Control Panel applets, and Registry Editor to maximize your systems performance. Includes information and step-by-step instructions on how to use disk mirroring and stripe sets with parity to not only improve performance, but improve fault tolerance as well.
Microsoft BackOffice Administratror's Survival Guide 0-672-30977-7
(2nd Edition)
Sams Publishing The definitive administrator's how-to reference for the Microsoft networking product line. Includes information on Windows NT Server 3.51, SQL Server 4.21a & 6.5, System Management Server 1.1, MS Mail 3.2, Exchange Server 4.0, and SNA Server 2.11.
Microsoft Internet Information Server 2 Unleashed 1-575-21271-4 (3rd Edition) In depth discussion of the Microsoft Internet Information Server 2.0. Includes additional information on Windows NT Server, performance optimization, setting up a WWW site with currently available tools, and Internet security issues.
designing & implementing Microsoft Internet Information Server 2 1-57521-168-8 An introduction to the new Microsoft Internet Information Server and Internet tools.